7 Signs Your Roof May Be Damaged

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Your roof is an integral factor of your home’s structural integrity and can cause serious expenses if not maintained properly. One way to avoid those costs adding up is to address leaks before they have the chance to cause mold and mildew on your home’s interior.

You can protect your home by keeping an eye out for several telltale signs of roof damage. As an experienced roofing company, we’ve compiled a list of visual warnings for you to remember as a diligent, proactive homeowner.

1. Wall Stains

A damaged roof can lead to water seeping in and down the walls inside or outside your house. So first, you’ll want to head upstairs to examine the attic and identify the problem’s root. If you have difficulty tracking it down on your own, call a trusted roofing company to help before mold or insulation damage occur.

2. Cracked Or Buckled Shingles

The next place to get a visual is the roof itself. If you’re comfortable on a ladder, it’s a great idea to periodically climb up to check the condition of your house’s shingles. Make sure they all lie flat, sealing down the roof from precipitation penetration. Cracked and buckled shingles mean you need to take action soon.

3. Spongy Surface

While you’re up on the roof, you might want to take a careful walk across it. If it feels spongy and not firm, moisture has been absorbed over time, and water damage is building up. So the next step is to call a roofing professional.

4. Sagging

If your roof is visibly sagging, you’ll need to reinforce it with structural support. Walk around your entire property to thoroughly check out every side of the roof from every angle. If it doesn’t look right, call a roofing company. The consequences of a caved-in roof are serious.

5. Flashing

Another way to preserve the longevity of your home is by installing flashing on any chimney seals, skylights, exterior doors (if the roof does not cover them), and vents. Flashing diverts any rain or water from making its way inside, redirecting it to a safe zone. If you find any rusted flashing, replace it as quickly as possible.

6. Check For Shiners

Shiners are nails that are sticking out of the roofing deck. They can cause a leak when water condensation collects on the exposed nail. You can check for these in the attic and get rid of them easily enough with a pair of side-cutting pliers.

7. Roof Records

Roofs usually last up to 30 years but can have shortened life expectancies if you live in an area constantly exposed to rain. You should also know your roofing system, as some materials hold up better than others. If you’re unsure about whether or not your roof needs work, getting a professional roof inspection is your best bet.

Call A Professional Roofing Company To Stay Ahead Of The Game

If you’re located in San Diego, and you know your roof needs attention, or if you just want an expert opinion on how your roof is doing, call Ascent Roofing. We can help you pinpoint the problem and make a plan of action to protect your home from downstream damage.


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