The Role of Roofing in Energy Efficiency for San Diego Homes

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Traditional residential roofing materials weren’t designed for energy efficiency. That’s changing as roofing styles and materials evolve to meet eco-friendly initiatives. The next time you need a roof replacement, consider the benefits of installing a roof specifically designed to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Roofing Reduces Utility Costs

An energy-efficient roof maintains a more consistent temperature. In the summer, your indoor climate will stay cooler, and in the winter, your home will retain more heat. As a result, you’ll rely less heavily on your HVAC system and lower your energy usage all year.

Roofs with Greater Energy Efficiency Reflect More Solar Energy

Traditional roofing materials have a low SPF factor, which means they can absorb more solar energy. As a result, your roof will grow hotter, and the inside of your home will feel warmer. The SPF rating for energy-efficient roofing is much higher, meaning more sun rays get reflected away from your home. This will keep your living spaces cooler in the summer.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Promotes Proper Ventilation

Every grade school student learns that heat rises. This is an important lesson to remember as a homeowner since the heat in your home will rise and accumulate in your attic. Without the proper ventilation that an energy-efficient roof provides, that heat will combine with humidity to create the perfect condition for mold growth.

An energy-efficient roof will include vents for that hot air to escape. The transfer of hot air through the vents will protect your attic and roof from moisture damage and mold growth.

Insulation Boosts the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

As the colder weather arrives, you’ll want to retain as much heat in your home as possible. This might involve closing your attic vents, but you’ll want additional protection.

An essential feature of energy-efficient roofing is that it includes heavier insulation. This increases the R-value in your home, which is the rate at which your home retains heat. A higher R-value will keep your home warmer without requiring more energy to heat your home via your heating system.

Prevent Ice Dams With an Energy Efficient Roof

As heat escapes your home in the winter, the ice and snow on your roof will melt. Unfortunately, it will freeze again relatively quickly, forming ice dams in the corners and eaves of your roof. Ice dams can damage your roof and pose safety risks by sliding off your roof unexpectedly.

When you install energy-efficient roofing, you can add a waterproof coating. This type of protection keeps water from accumulating and freezing on your roof. A waterproof coating will eliminate the risks of ice dams forming, protecting your home and your family.

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