Roofing Salesman

$20+ hourly pay DOE + 1.5% Commission

Hourly pay DOE + 1.5% commission on gross sales = more than $1,000 per week with a decent closing ratio.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Valid CDL
  • High school diploma
  • Clean appearance
  • Clear background check
  • Reliable transportation
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Preferably at least 3 years of experience as a roofing salesman or roofer

Typical Tasks

  • Be assigned leads and appointments
  • Drive to the houses, climb up to roofs, and write inspection reports
  • Write estimates
  • Maintain CRM
  • Engage customers into sales
  • Make follow-up calls
  • Gather material lists for jobs
  • Order material delivery or pick up in a timely manner
  • Coordinate project with customers
  • Make final job walk-thrus ensuring quality and reporting any problems
  • Write invoices and collect payment from customers
  • Take final photos


  • Qualified leads
  • Gas allowance
  • Ladder
  • CRM account
  • iPad after $50,000 in gross sales or 10 sales closed (whichever is first)
  • Paid training
  • Personalized business cards, car magnets, and logo shirts
  • Systemized process to sell
  • Clear path for growth
  • Chance to make over $100k/year