What is a Tile Roof System?

A tile roof is perhaps the best roof to have in San Diego, whether it’s Clay or Concrete tiles, this roof system helps contain warm or cool air inside your home.


When a tile roof is properly installed and properly maintained, some tile roofs can last longer than 50 years.

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All of our tile roofs have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Our Tile Roof System Options

Concrete Tile

Boral & Eagle concrete roof tile easily harmonizes with all three dominant architectural styles; traditional, transitional, and contemporary

Standout Features

Clay Tile

Boral & Eagle clay roof tile offers the exquisite look of classic European architecture, an entrance to the lovers of old-world style.  

Standout Features

Tile Relay / Reuse Tiles

In fact, one of the most beneficial attributes of having a tile roof system is the ability to extend the lifespan of the roof. This consists of lifting the old tiles off the roof and replacing the underlayment with new underlayment and new flashings. Then, the existing roof tiles will be placed back, replacing any broken or damaged tiles. 

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