Sustainable Roofing Materials: Eco-Friendly Options for Modern Homes

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Sustainability is one of the top goals for modern homes. You can see this in everything from smart home systems to updated HVAC equipment — and even the specific materials used in roofing construction. These sustainable roofing materials are among the most popular trends for new construction and roof replacements.

Read on to find out more about today’s eco-friendly roofing materials.

Cool Shingles

Shingles are considered to be the go-to choice for many homes, so you might not initially think of them as sustainable roofing materials. However, modern shingles incorporate various design elements that help make your home more sustainable in more ways than one.

Cool shingles combine various modern techniques to keep your roof cool, including the specific type and size of granules, reflectivity, and color of their surface. The result is that your roof absorbs less heat from sunlight, which is highly beneficial for both the environment and your utility bills.

Making large, relatively flat surfaces, such as roofs and roadways, reflective has been proposed by many as part of an effective way to combat climate change. If all of those surfaces worldwide were more reflective, like cool shingles, they could make a considerable impact.

Cool shingles also keep your roof cooler, which can significantly lower AC bills during the summer months. You can reduce energy use and save money at the same time. It also helps your roof last longer by reducing the temperature gradient between the exterior and interior of the roof, which can contribute to moisture issues.

Reclaimed Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is a traditional style that still sees wide use today. In general, installing a tile roof can cost you more than shingle roofing, but you’ll also get a longer expected lifespan out of your roof. Tiles can be highly sustainable roofing materials as well.

You can find tiles made from various materials, but clay is the most common. This is an all-natural material, which already provides a benefit over many other options. The tiles can last a century or longer, making reclaimed tile roofing possible.

Instead of consuming additional resources and energy, you can use previously used tiles for your roof. When a tile roof is removed, but the tiles are still in good condition, they are often saved and repurposed. You can reduce your impact and enjoy an authentic traditional style simultaneously.

Membrane Roofing Systems

Membrane roofing systems rely on one or more layers of various plastic, rubber, or composite materials. They’re already widely used throughout commercial applications but could also be an excellent option for your home. These roofing systems are highly efficient and make for very sustainable roofing materials.

The various layers disperse and distribute heat, keep out water, and provide insulation. Membrane roofing systems can reduce cooling and heating costs, helping your household or business use less energy and reduce utility bills. Many different types are available, so you might just find the perfect solution for your next roof.

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