4 Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

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If you’re looking to replace your business or home’s roof, it’s important to consider several factors before you get started. What kind of material lasts the longest? How much do you want to invest? When is the right time to get the job done? This guide will cover all of those details and more. Read on to learn key considerations before replacing your roof.

When Do You Need a Roof Replacement?

First off, what are the signs to look for if you’re thinking about a roof replacement? A standard roof will last anywhere between 20 to 25 years. You’ll know if it’s about time to be replaced because of its physical appearance.

Check for the following signs: the shingles are visibly cracked, you see water leaking, the roof itself sags, or you find mold inside. Also, keep an eye on your energy bill; if you notice a surge, it could be that your roof is letting hot and cold air through the roof.

Key Considerations for Getting Your New Roof Installed

1. Which Material to Choose

Depending on your budget, you can stick with traditional asphalt shingles for the most affordable route or opt for a longer-lasting material such as metal, tile, or wood shakes.

While the latter options will cost more, they have the potential to double the lifespan of your roof. They’re also more energy efficient and can save money on heating and cooling the house.

2. Roof Installation is Loud

Make sure to time your roof replacement so that it doesn’t cause total inconvenience for you, as it will be loud. Also, there is no way to avoid workers pounding on the roof when removing old tiles and putting new ones back in. If you prefer, schedule construction for when you’ll be out of the house, at work, or on vacation.

3. Choose Quality Over Price

When you hire a roofing contractor, cheaper does not equate to better. Usually, you’ll receive what you pay for. So make sure to shop around. If you want long-term results, find a company to invest in that will deliver great customer service while using high-quality materials.

4. Don’t Forget To Read The Paperwork

Last but not least, go through all the paperwork to ensure you and your contracting company are on the same page. Check over the products, cost factors, and installation processes. Your contractors should adhere to the building codes of your specific locale and should have the correct permits for performing the installation.

Are You Ready For A New Roof?

If you’re ready to start updating your roof, it’s time to partner with a contractor who will offer professional service and top-notch installation. When you need a residential roofing company in the San Diego area, contact the experts at Ascent Roofing. See why we’re a trusted option for all things roofing.

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