Torch Down: Works Well in Any Climate

Torch Down Roofing in San Diego

A torch down roof system is the most popular flat roof for commercial buildings—and it’s available for residential installation too. Torch down is a versatile roofing system that adapts well to temperature changes, making it less prone to structural damage and cracks.

Whether you’re looking for torch down roof installation, repair, or replacement, all of our torch down roofing in San Diego comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What is a Torch Down Roofing System, Exactly?

Torch down roofing is a multiple-layer system that got its name from the open-flame propane torch used to heat the material and adhere it to the roof’s surface.

Our Torch Down Roofing Options

Choose from a variety of colors to match your application.

Polyflex® G Modified Bitumen Membranes

Polyflex® G modified bitumen membrane is a durable, reinforced torch down roofing option.

Standout Features
  • Resistant against puncture & tear
  • Resistant against fire
  • Resistant against extreme cold/snow
  • Energy efficient
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Our Other Roofing System Options


Durable and easy to maintain, shingles are a popular roofing system for residential and commercial buildings.


Tiles help keep warm or cool air inside—and they can last for up to 50 years.

Single-Ply TPO

A highly sought-after roofing system for commercial buildings, single-ply TPO can last up to 30 years.

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Transparent Pricing

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Open Communication

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100% Satisfaction

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