The Benefits & Value a Roof Replacement Adds to Your Home

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Depending on your home’s residential roof, your roof should last 25 to 50 years. If the age of your roof is reaching that 25-year mark, you should already start planning to replace it. In addition to protecting your home, a new roof has many more benefits. These benefits can help you decide to schedule your new roof installation.

How Much Value Does a New Roof Add?

Consider weighing the financial incentive of a new roof. Home value is the best way to determine this factor when you compare the value increase against the cost of a new roof. While the exact number will vary based on the type of roof you install, the average home value increase for installing an asphalt shingle roof is $17,000.

Does a new roof add value to your home compared to the installation cost? You’ll recover up to 60% of the installation cost. While that still means you’re spending 40% that you won’t recover, a new roof can also help you sell your home faster. More buyers will be interested in your home when they know it will be several years before they need a roof replacement.

New Roof Benefits Include Saving on Energy Costs

Over time, your home’s roofing materials will accumulate wear and tear damage, leaving them thinner and looser with age. This means more heat and moisture will get into your home through your roof. You’ll see a gradual increase in your household’s energy consumption.

Additionally, roof shingles made over two decades ago won’t provide the same protection as newer roofing materials. Energy efficiency wasn’t as much of a concern 20 years ago, and old shingles tend to absorb heat. One of the biggest reasons to replace roof shingles is that modern shingles have designs that reflect heat instead of absorbing it, keeping your home cooler.

Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs

Just as there are signs that a commercial roof needs replacing, there are similar signs that the roof on your home is failing. Frequent damage that requires repairs is a common sign that your roofing materials are weak and incapable of protecting your home.

Is a new roof a good investment? It often is a worthwhile investment because a new roof that an experienced roofer installs will provide your home with a higher quality of protection. If you frequently need repairs for your roof, you’ll spend less money overall with a new roof.

Benefits of Roof Replacement Include Health Concerns

Just as an old and weak roof lets heat and moisture inside, allergens like pollen will also breach that barrier.

If you notice that a family member’s seasonal allergies seem to be getting worse, take a look at your roof. Especially if trees and flowers surround your home, a new roof will help keep those allergens outside.

Trust the Roofing Pros

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