The Roof Replacement Process Explained

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At some point, your roofing contractor will inform you it’s time for a new roof installation. When that day arrives, you must choose the materials you want for your new roof. This is just the first part of an essential home maintenance project.

But how does roof replacement work exactly? If you’re unfamiliar with this process, it’s helpful to know the steps for a standard roof replacement before getting started.

Preparing for the First Day

After you schedule the roof installation and before the project begins, your contractor will need a clear area to lay tarps around your home.Prepare your property for the project by moving your vehicles, equipment, toys, and tools to make room for new roofing materials delivery.

Removing Your Old Roof

The roof replacement process starts with the removal of your old roof. Workers will start tearing off roofing materials at the farthest end of your home. This keeps them working toward your driveway, where the dumpster and new roofing materials are temporarily stationed. The team will clear debris from your gutters as they work to avoid damaging them.

Installing New Roofing Materials

As some of the team continues tearing off sections of the old roofing, the other workers will begin installing new roofing on the cleared sections. This keeps the process efficient and saves time on the overall installation.

Installing new roofing requires following a systematic process. The roofers will first install the underlayment and drip edge. After these materials are fully installed, it’s time to install the shingles, tiles, or other exterior roofing materials. This part of the roof replacement process ends by adding ventilation vents and caps for a cohesive design.

Cleaning Up the Property

You can’t explain the roof replacement process without discussing the clean-up. The roofers will use blowers to clear dust and debris off your new roof. They will also blow debris out of your gutters. All of the trash then gets blown into the tarps surrounding your house. Once complete, the roofers roll up the tarps and discard them into the dumpster.

They will then pack up their supplies and tools. Their goal is to leave your property as neat and clear as it was when they arrived.

Inspecting the Roof

The final step involves performing a thorough roof inspection. The lead roofer will visually inspect his team’s workmanship. The inspection will focus on problem areas where leaks are more likely to occur. This includes checking the roofing around your chimney, vents, and other areas of penetration.

Once the roof has passed the quality inspection, you are ready to enjoy your new roof!

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